San Diego School of Rhythmic Gymnastics
Thank you for your interest in supporting our programs. San Diego School
of Rhythmic Gymnastics - San Diego Rhythms provides an opportunity for
local children to participate in instructions and classes in such art forms
as dance, ballet, and rhythmic gymnastics, and to participate in rhythmic
gymnastics competitions. San Diego Rhythms is sponsoring special
events and gives public performances in the above art forms. We organize
and host meets in rhythmic gymnastics  to promote the sport. Our efforts
are focused on teaching life lessons such as commitment, and discipline
in youth, keep children fit and healthy, and out of the streets and TV by
providing a fun and safe Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet program.  We
have a very strong competitive program. Our students compete on a State,
Regional, National, and International levels. San Diego Rhythms also has a
big  developmental program.   Developmental Program students have an  
opportunity to compete in Xcel competitions.
The only source of San Diego Rhythms income is our students’ tuition,
and it doesn't cover all our expenses. San Diego Rhythms is doing a lot to
help children to stay in our program providing scholarships and
discounted tuition to many children. We also help competitive team by
offering complimentary ballet classes and discounted tuition
Each year we depend on the generosity of many individuals and
corporations to support our annual operating needs. A contribution of any
size will help us to continue provide our services to children. 100% of
public donations go directly to our programs.
In return for your generous  support and tax deductible donation, the San
Diego Rhythms would recognize you on our web page, banners at
competitions that we are hosting, event flyers, and distributing
promotional materials during competitions and other events.

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How to reach us:
Tel: (858) 945-4114
San Diego Rhythms