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                                                         Frequently Asked Questions

       What is a difference between artistic and rhythmic gymnastics?

•        Is Rhythmic Gymnastics only for girls?

•        Does my child need previous gymnastics experience?

•        What is a minimum age for enrollment?

•        Do you offer a trial class?

•        What to bring to a trial class?  What to wear to a trial class?

•        How do you decide which classes my child will be in?

•        When can my child begin to compete in the sport of gymnastics?

•        How often does the class meet and for how long?

•        Can my child join a class at anytime?

•        What are your classes’ teacher/student ratios?

•        What are your teachers’ qualifications?

        How much will gymnastics lessons cost?

•        Do you offer private lessons?         Yes!

•        Do you have Registration Fee?

•        What is your tuition payment policy?

•        If I refer a friend, can I receive a referral credit?

•        What types of discounts do you offer for sibling?

•        Do you have military discounts?

      What is your withdrawal policy?

•        What if my child misses the class? Do you offer make ups?

•        Do I need to call if my child is missing a class? YES!

•        Do you offer credits/refunds?

•        Is there credit for missed classes?

•        Can I observe my child class?

•        Do I need to stay and watch or should I go run errands and come back?

•        What if my child is late to class?

•        What if I am late to pick my child from class?

•        What is your dress code?
Both Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics are Olympic Sports governed by FIG – International Gymnastics Federation. Both sports are for men
and women. In Artistic gymnastics athletes perform routines on different apparatuses.
Women artistic gymnastics: balance beam, uneven bars, vault, floor exercise choreographed using music.
Men artistic gymnastics: parallel bars, horizontal bar, vault, pommel horse, still ring, floor exercise.
Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation.
Rhythmic gymnasts perform on a floor with an apparatus, accompanied by music, in individual or group events.
Women rhythmic gymnastics uses 5 apparatuses: Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs, and Ribbon. Children also perform Floor Exercises.
Men Rhythmic gymnastics uses 4 apparatuses:  double rings, stick, clubs, and rope. Group performances are done without using apparatuses
No, it is for Girls and Boys
No. We have classes for children of all levels and abilities including beginners
Currently we are offering classes for children 3.5 and older
Yes! We offer free trial classes
We have a dress code, but you don’t need to buy anything special for a trial class. Your child needs to wear some comfortable clothes like shorts
or leggings and a t- shirt. Girls can wear a leotard if they have one.
Girls also need to have their hair pulled up and away from the face. Please ask your child to wear socks and to bring a water bottle to a trial class.
We will evaluate your child during her/his trial class, and will give you our suggestions about class placement.
The child must be 6 years old by December 31st of the year in which she/he can start competing.
Every child develops differently: some children are able to compete during their first year in gymnastics already,
and for others it might take longer to master their skills for competitions.
Usually it takes about a year for a child to develop skills necessary for participation in competitions.
Little Stars classes for 3.5-4 years old children have duration of 1 hour.
Developmental/Xcel classes for 5-12 years old children have duration of 2 hours. Depending on each family needs these
classes can be taken few times a week. We recommend 2 classes a week. Competitive team schedule is different.
Yes, as long as there are open spots in a class. We will prorate tuition accordingly.
Tuition payment will be due at the time of registering for a class.
Little Stars classes (3.5-4 years old): 6 to 1, Developmental/Xcel classes: 12 to 1
All San Diego Rhythms coaches are former rhythmic gymnasts with many years of coaching experience.
They are USA Gymnastics professional member, graduate of the USA Gymnastics National Safety Certification Program, and are CPR and
First Aid Certified, and completed USA Gymnastics University Safe Sports Program course.
We have $50 registration fee
Tuition must be paid before the 1st of each month or before the first class of each 8 weeks session
Yes!  You will receive $50 referral fee if your friend enroll her/his child into our program
We offer 10% discount
Yes! We offer 10% discount for military families.
If you decide to discontinue class, you have to submit a written notice to the SDR 30 days prior to the date you wish to stop
Excusable absences (due to illness or special circumstances) may not be applied to future tuition, and should be made up within 30 days of a
missed class while a child is still enrolled into the program.
As a courtesy we allow one make-up per month for classes missed for any other (un-excusable) reason.
Make-ups are allowed when the requested class size permits. You must pre-register for make-up classes.
We do not offer credit and/or refunds for cancelled classes due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather or any other reason including but not limited to
attending competitions or training camps. San Diego Rhythms does not issue refunds.
All sales are final for any product and/or service purchased and/or provided by San Diego Rhythms
No, your tuition pays for a class spot, REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. Tuition is not prorated for absences
Of Course! We love to have you at the gym! You can watch your child class from the designated area
You are very welcome to stay and watch your child class, but you don’t have to do it.
To prevent possible injury gymnast will not be allowed to participate in class if she/he is 15 minutes late, unless prior arrangement with a coach was made
Girls: black leotard with no attached skirt and black ballet shorts or black tights.
Boys: black t-shirt tucked into black shorts or pants that are not buggy.
All students must wear toe shoes. Short white socks are allowed during warm up. SDR shirts can be used as long as they securely
cover gymnast’s body. Hair tied away from the face. Girls must have their hair pulled up in to a bun.  Ballet attire  must be worn
during ballet classes.  Jewelry of any type should not be worn. 
Children must be picked up on time after their classes. We understand that unforeseen  circumstances might happen. In those cases you need to call us
at this number (858) 945-4114 to address the situation. If a gymnast is not picked up on time after the end of her/his class, and her/his parents or legal
guardians can't be reached, the local police office will be contacted to arrange a child's pick up.
Phone: (858) 945 - 4114