San Diego Rhythms
San Diego  School of Rhythmic Gymnastics  is currently offering the following programs:
Our Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics program was designed to introduce children to Rhythmic
Gymnastics and to help them to find out what this sport is all about. Classes' curriculum combines
elements of dance, physical and musical education, and ballet together to form a single entity, that
serves as a foundation for basic skills development for all sports and such forms of arts as dance,
ballet, and music. This class is focused on development of basic locomotor and pre acrobatic skills,
flexibility, strength, balance, muscular and cardiovascular endurance,  good posture and coordination,
sense of rhythms and music. Children learn body awareness and self-esteem through gymnastic
exercises. We are using colorful balls, hoops, ropes, ribbons, and scarves to develop eye-hand
coordination. We are teaching colors, numbers, and letters by incorporating them in class activities.
Music is included as an integrated part in each class curriculum.
And Most Important – We Are Having a lot of FUN

Beginner Classes:                         Beginner 1 (5-7 years old) and Beginner 2 (8+ years old)                 
These classes' curriculum is  based on USA Gymnastics Rhythmic levels 1 and 2 program and focused
on learning fundamental body movements and apparatus techniques of rhythmic gymnastics using ball,  
ribbon, hoop, and rope. Children are practicing 2 to 4 hours a week, participate in level/skill tests 2
times a year, and  have an opportunity to perform in San Diego Rhythms Winter and Summer Recitals.
These classes don't require any previous rhythmic gymnastics experience
Developmental Rhythmic Gymnastics program - Rhythmic Xcel

These classes' curriculum is based on USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Junior Olympic program  levels, and designed
for children who want to compete in rhythmic gymnastics, but don't want to  spend many hours in the gym, and
want to be involved in other after school activities. Children are practicing  4 hours a week regardless of level ,
have an opportunity to participate in  competitions, where their performances are evaluated by judges, who are
providing  feed back,  and in San Diego Rhythms Winter Show and Summer Recital.

"Level A" (6+ years old)  Skills level - Beginner (levels 3/4 USA Gymnastics JO program)               
Prerequisites: Graduating from Beginner program or skills level    

"Level B" (8+ years old)  Skills level - Intermediate  (levels 5/6 USA Gymnastics JO program)                         
Prerequisites: "Level A" or skill level                                                                                                            
"Level C and D" (10+ years old)  Skills level - Advanced  (levels 7/8 USA Gymnastics JO program                          
Prerequisites: "Level B/C" or skills level                                                                            
Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program is designed for children 5 years old and
up, who have progressed through  levels 1 and 2 program and are interested in competitive
gymnastics. Gymnasts will refine and perfect their skills for competitions at State, Regional, and National
levels. Gymnasts will learn advanced body skills and advanced apparatus skills with rope, ball, ribbon,
hoop, and clubs
Level 3 (5+ years old)
Level 4 (6+ years old)
At these levels gymnast  attends 4-9 hours of team training a week     
Team  - by try out
Level 5 (7+ years old)
Level 6 (8+ years old)
Level 7 (9+ years old
Level 8 (10+ years old)
Level 9 and 10 (11+ years old)
At these levels gymnast attends 12 to 20+ hours of team training a week
Flexibility and Conditioning Classes          
for figure skaters, dancers, and cheerleaders.         
These classes are focused on improving flexibility and strength.   
     Phone: (858) 945-4114